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Growing Incomes across Indonesia

Since our launch in June 2019, we’ve helped many students, housewives, entrepreneurs across Indonesia earn additional income.

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About RateS

RateS is #1 Indonesia’s Reseller App that is designed to allow ANYONE to start a business without INVENTORY REQUIRED.

RateS provide sellers with product sourced directly from suppliers, inventory management and other seller tools.

All you need is a mobile phone! And you can have your own online shop.

Start Reselling in 3 steps


Discover more than 50.000 latest products at wholeshale prices and start selling to your social media circle

2. Share & sell

Just one click to share your shop and products that you are going to sell to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc

3. Earn

Earn at your own terms. You decide how much and how high your profit margin is. Earnings are automatically credited to your wallet and you can withdraw directly to your bank account.

Reselling with RateS is Easy!

RateS uses a Dropshipping Business Model so that you can focus on the things that matter.

Products ready to sell

Product Return guarantee

no need to take care of packing, shipping, tracking

Free Online Website

Reseller Coaching
(Seminar, tips & tricks)

No need to stock goods

Community of Top Resellers

Collect Payment easily, Earnings credited automatically

Unlimited Earning with RateS

Earn on your own terms, set your own profit.
Check out how much income you can earn with our top selling products!

Skuter Anak Roda Tiga

Rp 80.000

Assume that we increase profit by
Rp 20.000/ product

Product quantity/day: 5

Profit/day: Rp 100.000


Rp 3.000.000

All you have to do is markup Rp 20.000 and sell 5pcs a day!

Anyone can resell with RateS!

Benny, 32
“RateS helped create an online store very easily, i didn’t have to keeping stock and no need to shipping goods by me, RateS take a good care of it ”barang, semua RateS yang mengurus”
Earned  RP 950.000,-/Month
Sicilya, 24
“RateS application easy to use and suitable for housewives. Highly recomended using RateS for starting your own business”
Earned  RP 800.000,-/Month
Iman, 30
“Customer service team ready 24 hours, very friendly and kind. they answered my question quickly and clear.”
Earned  RP 600.000,-/Month
Rahma, 48
RateS has helped me add on to my household income, without depending on others...
Earned  RP 550.000,-/Month
Amirah, 40
Good delivery service! Can track parcels easily for customers
Earned  RP 500.000,-/Month
Annisa, 37
Customer service was very nice and friendly!! Answered my questions about my orders quickly. Highly recommend using RateS for starting your own business.
Earned  RP 750.000,-/Month
You set the final price and how much you earn yourself. Earn high profit margins and weekly bonuses.

Featured in the


Asymmetrical Operation : Early Stage

Finding niches

After a quiet Eid holiday in Indonesia, Singapore-based social e-commerce platform Rate rolled out RateS in the country. The idea is to tap into Indonesia’s relatively high rate of smartphone utilization for online retail, as well as country’s sizable digital economy within the region. RateS will allow micro-entrepreneuers, specifically dropshippers, to list merchandise in ten product categories that are meant for housewives, homeowners, like maternal items, toys, children’s clothing, and Muslim couture. Already, RateS has 5,000 users on the waitlist, and the app will eventually expand its coverage beyond major cities in Indonesia

“Early Stage” is a series where the writers of KrASIA highlight startups that caught our eye for the week, whether they achieved an important milestone, rolled out an innovative product, or became embroiled in controversy.

Newest social e-commerce application for entrepreneurs

Rabu, 12 Juni 2019 11:11 WIB

Rate, Singapore-based social e-commerce, is launching their latest mobile application, RateS. This social commerce-based application provides an opportunity for users to start their online business and sell various goods without requiring initial capital.

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